Jelly Roll Autumn Colourcore (SUPPLY)

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Jelly Roll  Four colour Harris Tweed

Autumn Colourcore

The Autumn Colourcore includes; 

Turquoise Tartan Herringbone, this vibrant Turquoise is a Herringbone with light blue bckground and filled with yellow, green, and purple stripes along with a pink cross weave.  

Middle Green, this green is at the centre of the spectrum of greens, and is a solid single colour.

Pink/Purple Herringbone, the pink colour is in the Turquoise Tartan, (and has the same purple as in the Solstice Summer Colourcore).

Black n' White Herringbone, this beautiful traditional tweed adds depth and context to the finished quilt, and can be matched for the back of a cushion. 

The total area of material is one quarter meter (0.25m) with one full length of double width (x 150cm) Harris Tweed.

Containing four equal ribbons of Harris Tweed, of 6cm x 150cm.

They are really nice to work with, one Jelly rolld can be made into two fronts for cushions with enough off-cuts for something, eg, glasses case.

Plus P&P. 

 + also available {Summer Colourcore + Bright Yellow, Red and Purple also with Black n; White Herringbone}

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