About us

About us

I am a bible reader and Artist.  I read bible using new computer-aided techniques.  My Art pieces have been made over the last 15 years while intensely reading the symbol structures in the bible assisting with articulating the intricate and extensive concept.  

Please look at my INERRANT BIBLE page for more on Bible reading.



I make Art with paint, Words/Music and Harris Tweed, these have helped me to understand the complexity and the deep beauty that reading bible with the database reading system offers. 

Please take a look at my Art, Textile Sculpture, Music page.



Much of my work has been adapted and extensively redesigned to make kits that you can make yourself.   Perhaps in the making some of the form and structure will be passed on.   The Interactive KIT boxes can be used as a centre for community and group standards as people develop hand skills and language skills through sharing the simple, easy to finish pieces.  All have short stories to read out loud, while making.  

Please browse my Harris Tweed KITS page.


Please look at my Workshop page for workshops.