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HEBKit: Filled lavender cross 

With Harris Tweed, glass bead decoration, thread, pattern, lavender,  tape  with Designers name to sew in for a hook and a Harris Tweed label.  

Embroider Your own initials to show yourself as the Maker.

Tools and threads are included.  All you need is in the pack.


In a choice of colours, of plain or/and patterned Harris Tweed in each KIT pack.  (Select STYLE first)

You can select style, (same both sides, dark or light pattern) and colour variety (Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue) pre-order.  

You can also order Black Watch Tartan and Traditional Herringbone with both sides the same patterned colour.


Finished item, 14cm x 10cm.


Harris tweed, glass beads

A 3-D Harris Tweed Cross, combining colors and concept. With a small Chain of beads.

Influenced by the bible, with the many things to be found within its pages. 

Small and neat enough for a big pendant, or a small wall hanging. It has a few Lavender flowers in it ready to release their aroma, with a little bit of scrunching. Lavender is a plant that helps those who are tired, or exhausted, it lifts the energy levels.

I use Harris Tweed as that is the eco-product where I live, we make it here, and only here, as it is protected by an act of Parliament. 

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MulticolourKIT 2 colour

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