'Stay a little longer' Song, Film about Identity in Immersive community arts, for grant funding.

£50.00 / ticket(s)
Price excluding VAT plus shipping


A short film including work done recently and showing multiple venues and people involved in sharing skills.  All of this is voluntary. 

Normal criteria for grant funding for immersive community training is concentrated in one field, one event or through one organisation.  

I am looking for funding for Wages for continued provision for immersive community skills support and to buy admin time to apply for grants.

If you like the idea, please buy £50 minimum of as many as you like.  What you get in return. 

View the video as often as you like.  Copyright stays with Hazel G Mansfield. 

If I get enough income I will make another video showing work done to continue to provide for immersive community.


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