Quilted Cushion with the Harris Tweed Jelly Roll Autumn PRODUCT

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Harris Tweed Quilted Cushion  with the Autumn '18 Colourcore

Jelly Roll  Four colour Harris Tweed

Autumn Colourcore

Turquoise Tartan Herringbone, this vibrant Turquoise is a Herringbone with light blue bckground and filled with yellow, green, and purple stripes along with a pink cross weave.  

Middle Green, this green is at the centre of the spectrum of greens, and is a solid single colour.

Pink/Purple Herringbone, the pink colour is in the Turquoise Tartan, (and has the same purple as in the Solstice Summer Colourcore).

Black n' White Herringbone, this beautiful traditional tweed adds depth and context to the finished quilt and is matched for the back of a cushion. 




Landscape colours



Herringbone, in black and white, representing the sky, that constantly changes, day and night, sun and cloud, wind and water

Light and consistent Rich green, representing the late summer land, full of so many in colours of green they cannot be counted.

Tartan turquoise representing the sea, ridiculous changing from a beach empty of water, to one full of colours reflecting the sky, transparent and so strong it looks like you could walk on it, with yellow and orange seaweeds and corals, green and purple and pink all the fish of all sizes, tadpole to whale

And the uniform dependable Herringbone of constant change in pink and purple, representing the living heart of the isles, the life as it lives, within the constant change, flashing so fast before us like short lived insects, and maintaining the long echo of the seasons turning, in the long lived soils full of microscopic elements broken into pieces that catalyse full beautiful plants that cover the land so deep in the late summer greens, and feed the animals, birds and the people dotted about in lines of houses and flashes of metal moving on roads, and people clothed in identification steady and strongly still here, able to carry.





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