Narrative-Poem (Spring 2019) + Textile BRACELET

Narrative-Poem (Spring 2019) + Textile BRACELET

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One x Harris Tweed Bangle: simple circles of Harris Tweed, in multiple colours

plus a short piece of narrative writing (1,000 words), "ROPE" that finishes with the following poem.


A poem.

It folds and folds like a bible.

A living stream that bubbles

down a water course.

My life, enclosed in a body.

My soul, free to roam.

They talk about witness,

while I holding the thorns

instead of the flowers,

reap the seeds that were sown,

hands scratched and torn

in the gathering,

dripping pure white foam

fresh from a mountain stream

flowing from the headquarters

deep inside the mountain.

They sing the songs of beholding,

while I cover the ground

fast, efficient, sober

hunted by time and mortality.

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