'Harris Tweed' LanternCuff : Harris Tweed threaded into Harris Wool

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'Harris Tweed' LanternCuff : Harris Tweed threaded into Harris Wool

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A ribbon of Harris Tweed, threaded through a wide-based Lantern-frame of knitted Harris Wool.  

These are part of my range '99% made in the Hebrides' as most of the tools and material are Hebridean. 

This item is Made in the Outer Hebrides with locally-sourced materials colours matched to the landscape adding a Scottish Island touch to all wardrobes.  

Around here when there's a bit of Harris wool left on the bobbin, after the tweed is made, they put it to the charity shops, in big white bags full of colours.   You can buy these one single-ply bobbin at a time, and this gives colours enough, to make your own blend.  The Lantern Cuff is two x single-ply, doubled and doubled again to make an eight strand wool, which I then hand twisted before use.  The wool is made with the symbol two-by-two in mind, which is enriched by doubling it, which is two-by-two again, and by doubling it again, also two-by-two.  There is serious strength in this pattern.

Story about the Lighthouse Cuff, the deep layer of vibrant Harris Tweed shines from the framework built into pictograph symbol of a lighthouse, inviting detailed examination of how this phenonium occurs.

This product was developed and chosen during a time when involved in deep bible research considering a number of angles and trying to find a single version to link a number of issues, while looking for a version that fits skills, tools, materials and ideological educational and emotional intelligence where this combination of values, is shown in symbols like this piece of fluid textile jewellery, a complex knitted piece with a finite design incorporating two sizes of stitch, and appropriate title the ‘lighthouse cuff’, is a single layer jewellery Art, and matches a set of preconditions within a maximum word use that both defines and modifies concept within an extreme use of language, at the same time as formulating criteria that can be used to transfer concept from a very deep layer of knowledge through communication channels to share widely, with a corresponding fan club, this is a Soft washable version of jewellery that allows the sensitive risk taker clear space enough to define identity, from within the deeper mixes where the identity coalesces, it is not one identity it is a mix, a pattern made from strong centres of multiple identity.

A transfer of knowledge where the finite materials combination evolves through decisions made.

The gorse changes fluidly across four colours, from green gorse, to gorse with flower pod to full bloom flowers and then the flowers reduce.    

Colour Origin

Today the cloud covers the land with reflective grey, coupling the new grown vegetation to the intrinsic colour mass of the sky up here, which seems to start low on the horizon at dawn and seems to end a long way down the other horizon at dusk, and that always sort of jump-starts the colour spectrum.  Today the mature yellow moss grown strong on the corner wall balanced the new yellow gorse, and they shared the spring greens, the yellows interspersed the green of gorse green when the flower pods are just forming across the whole bush, solid, strong in the light pitch of the fluffy grey the cloud provided, the vibrant full on yellow was traced and repeated in the Harris Tweed held in the gorse spring greens mixed into the knitted wool lighthouse cuff.


1 Result